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This day in history, and little trivia

Tuesday trivia question: What was the name of Ulysses S. Grant’s horse? Hint: The horse in question was the offspring of a horse named “Lexington”. So why am I posing this question? Today happens to be the sesquicentennial of the … Continue reading

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Welcome back Cincinnati State!

U5S6B4F53N001 – Co-op Originally uploaded by Cincinnati State Archives Our new exhibit on cooperative education is now live and it is our biggest ever! Take a look at the physical exhibit in the library and be sure to check out … Continue reading

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Back to school, 1986

It’s that time again… $31 a credit hour? Wow! Keep an eye out for our next exhibit on the history of co-op at Cincinnati State. We will be announcing it soon!

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Fashion Monday?

U2S6B08F10N003 Originally uploaded by Cincinnati State Archives I feel like the ladies are left out of Fridays, and Mondays are a little blah in general so I thought I would brighten your day with a little fashion. The past is … Continue reading

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This week in Cincinnati State history, 1978

One thing about this document I would like to point out, and I’m not sure how well it comes through on the scanned image, is how we can see the process of the document’s creator. See if you can tell … Continue reading

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Brian May, in stereo?

Who? you might ask. He was the guitar player for British rock band Queen, turned PhD from Imperial College in London, turned curator of stereoscopic photography. Talk about a renaissance man. I feel it is my duty as an archivist … Continue reading

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Multimedia explosion of excitement!

This is a thrilling Thursday internet friends!  We have audio and video capabilities on the blog–and I have some pretty great stuff to share with you.  I’ll start you off with a little taste, which also happens to be my … Continue reading

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Sound Advice from the LRC, 1977

This week in Cincinnati State history: (Pay special attention to the message from the library!) Have a great day!

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Time is on our side

I have been dying to share this article with you, and since I figure it is close enough to the 18th (close enough for horseshoes and hand grenades as my old Chem 101 professor would say), here it is!

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The things we keep

U5S6B02F09P001 – Engr Tech, Civil Engineering TechOriginally uploaded by Cincinnati State Archives “What should I be saving for the archives?” you may be asking yourself. Well since you asked… Consider this snippet of an article on Miami University archivist Bob … Continue reading

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