1980s: The college that works

Economic conditions impacted co-op registrations into the early 1980’s with a steady drop in the number of area co-op jobs.

A new logo appeared in 1977. What does it convey to you?

Then President Frederick Schlimm declared 1983-1984 “The Year of the Co-op” as a way to raise awareness among local businesses and to re-emphasize the importance of co-op to the mission of the college. The marketing strategy focused on obvious concerns during the recession: re-training, non-traditional students, and on-the-job training.

CTC 1 Million Dollar Select Campaign tabloid insert, ca. 1982

Cincinnati Technical College launched the “$1 Million Select Campaign”, a large fund-raising effort and the first of its kind for CTC. The goal was exceeded in 1983, as this tabloid insert announces.

1 million select campaign tabloid insert, 1982

“Typical College Kid” ad, ca. 1980s

The ads above target women who would be pursuing “non-traditional careers”, or who would be considered “non-traditional” students based on age.

Education with a Future, CTC recruiting video, ca. 1980s
This recruiting video also encourages non-traditional students, and “housewives seeking non-traditional careers”.

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