Record types typically considered archival

  1. General Ledgers – A book containing a summary or detail of all transactions affecting the accounts of an institution
  2. Academic / Non-Academic Personnel Inventory – Contract Staff – Annual printout required by the Ohio Board of Regents documenting full-time equivalent staffing levels.  The summary of the inventory is sent to the Ohio Board of Regents.
  3. Accreditation Files – University, college or department files documenting accreditation review by accrediting agencies.
  4. Blueprints      
  5. Construction Projects – Construction Designs and Specifications – Written requirements and standards for materials, equipment, construction systems and workmanship as applied to the work and certain administrative details applicable thereto.
  6. Construction Projects – Construction Documents – Collectively, the Drawings, Specifications, Addenda, Notice to Bidders, Instructions to Bidders, Definitions, Bid Form, Contract and Attachments, Bond, Bulletins, Shop Drawings, Change Orders, Change Order Procedure and Pricing Guidelines and Standard Conditions of the Contract Assignments, if any (General and Special).
  7. Construction Projects – Design Development – Design of project is fully described with regard to the basic building systems and materials as well as all specialty systems needed to support the program.
  8. Construction Projects – Design Review Committee Minutes, agendas, correspondence and general information.  Committee responsible to review site and elevation plans to ensure compatibility with surrounding projects and Master Plan.
  9. Construction Projects – Project Request/Program Statement – A request from the University community to initiate a project.
  10. Construction Projects – Schematic Design   – Analysis of site impact and volumetric formation, circulation patterns and infrastructure servicing to illustrate client and architect’s design vision in a definitive way.
  11. President / Vice President / Director / Dean / Chair Subject Files – Files of correspondence, reports, memoranda, etc., documenting activities of these offices.
  12. Promotion and Tenure Policy – Faculty – Copy of departmental guidelines, policies, procedures, notices of guidelines, administrative memos, lists of eligible faculty.
  13. Research Protocol Committee Files – Includes lists of protocols to be considered, new reviews, approvals, requests, and revised protocol forms.
  14. University Governance Files – Files of minutes of boards / committees / governance groups documenting official actions of governing bodies.
  15. Academic Records (includes grades, course evaluations, competency assessments, etc. – Record of academic work pursued.
  16. Annual Interim Fiscal Operations Reports – Reports to federal government on expenditures for federal programs.
  17. Catalogs – Official bulletins of the institution
  18. Change of Grade Forms (Update Documents)
  19. Commencement Programs
  20. Credit by Examination Form
  21. Curriulum Development Files – Files documenting approval of new programs and degrees
  22. Degree Statistics
  23. Enrollment Statistics
  24. Faculty Grade Report (Grade or narrative)  – Copy of grade reports as submitted to registrar by faculty.
  25. Grade Statistics
  26. Graduation Lists
  27. IPEDS Reports (Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System
  28. OBOR Reports (Ohio Board of Regents)
  29. Racial/Ethnic Statistics
  30. Schedule of Classes (Institutional) – Schedule of classes offered each term by the institution.
  31. Transcript Requests — Other Than Student Requested
  32. Tuition and Fee Schedule – Listing of fee charges for each term by an institution.
  33. Audit Report – Final report of state or independent auditor.
  34. Budget Planning Documents – Budget requests, including program plans for coming year, usually by cost center.
  35. Budget – Institutional – Final, approved, yearly budget for institution, usually in printed form.
  36. Endowment Fund Reports – Annual – Annual report of funds received and expended by endowment accounts.  May be in form of report to donors.
  37. Financial Report – Annual – Consolidated year-end report of financial situation showing assets and liabilities.  Usually broken down by major funding areas, such as academic and student services areas.  May include audit report.
  38. Academic Grievance Files – Files documenting grievances of students against faculty members.
  39. Affirmative Action Plan Files – Procedures and regulations to be followed, work force analysis, goals, timetables, statistics.
  40. Awarded Grants Files – Files containing proposal, budgets, accounting information on grants received by faculty members from federal and state agencies and private foundations.
  41. Campus Security Act Reports and Uniform Crime Reports – Reports produced in compliance with federal programs.
  42. Category Summary – Classified Staff – Computer printout listing breakdown of employment by race, sex, civil service.
  1. Collective Bargaining Agreements
  2. Crime Reports – Reports created by university or college police on campus criminal activity.
  3. HUD Reports – Annual reports filed with the federal government concerning operation of residence halls.
  4. Land Purchase Records – Copies of deeds, leases, purchase agreements, appraisals, etc. documenting purchase of land by institution.  Original deed maintained by Auditor of State.
  5. Patents
  6. Real Estate Records – Copies of deeds and leases, documenting real property purchased or leased by the university or college.
  7. Testing Reports-Construction – Geotechnical and material testing and reports to insure strength of materials, compaction and construction acceptability.
  8. Trade Mark Registrations
  9. Advertising
  10. Recruitment Materials, General – Videos, publications, posters, advertisements, etc. used to recruit students to attend the institution.
  11. Viewbooks – A recruitment document.
  12. Index System – Faculty – Cards or other reference list for all active and inactive faculty.
  13. Personnel Card File – Classified Staff – File card coordinated to classified personnel files.  Includes name, Social Security Number, status, classification, department, anniversary date, pay, resignation, date, sick leave, performance, etc.
  14. Promotion and Tenure File – Faculty – Recommendations, evaluations, materials submitted for promotion or tenure.  Tenure and promotion recommendations (approval or denial) and pertinent correspondence maintained in permanent personnel file.
  15. Service Reports / Activity Reports-Faculty – Records for the academic year and each term listing teaching and advisory assignments, research, administrative duties and public service.  Data is included for full-time and part-time faculty and graduate assistants.  Reports printed either alphabetically by name of faculty member or by department.
  16. News Releases
  17. Newsletters
  18. Publicity Photographs

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