NEW Exhibit: 50 years of Cincinnati State in the News (1969-2019)

50 years ago, on September 19, 1969, Cincinnati State was officially founded. To help celebrate this anniversary, the College Archives invites you to view our latest exhibit: Celebrating 50 years of Cincinnati State in the News, 1969-2019.

This exhibit features a sampling of newspaper and magazine articles about the college over the last 5 decades. These articles are pulled from the Archives extensive collection. There’s also a BONUS EXHIBIT which includes logos for the college throughout the years.

Come visit the library to see the display (exhibit case is to the left of the entrance) or visit the link above for the online version.

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NEW Exhibit : Culinary Program History at Cincinnati State


The Archives latest exhibit focuses on one of the most visible programs at the College, Culinary Arts. Culinary classes began as part of the Hotel-Motel-Restaurant Management program in 1970.  This exhibit explores the history of the program through text, photos, and articles.  Check out the exhibit online or in person (Display case is to the LEFT of the library doors when you enter).

Photo 2

Instructor Fred Hartzel (left) and students – ca. 1977




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NEW Exhibit: Aviation History at Cincinnati State

The Archives latest exhibit focuses on one of the oldest programs at the College, Aviation Technology. Starting in 1970, the program has a very interesting history which we are excited to share through text, photos, and articles. Check the exhibit out online or in person (Display case is to the LEFT of the library doors when you enter).

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NEW Exhibit: Presidents of Cincinnati State (1969-Present)









2016 has arrived and we have a new President–at Cincinnati State! In honor of the upcoming inauguration of our 6th President, Dr. Monica J. Posey on October 21, 2016, the College Archives has created an exhibit with information about all the previous leaders of this great institution, as well as some information about past inaugurations. Check the exhibit out online or in person (Display case is to the LEFT of the library doors when you enter).

Congratulations to Dr. Posey.

After serving as interim president following Dr. Owens’ departure, Dr. Posey was appointed the 6th President of the college on June 13, 2016; she will be officially inaugurated on October 21st. Dr. Posey has served the college for the past 24 years in a range of leadership roles including Assistant Dean, Director of Institutional Research & Planning, Academic Vice President, and Provost. Some of her numerous accomplishments include establishing bachelor’s degree pathway agreements with the major area universities and facilitating the start of innovative programs such as Health Information Technology, Computer Network Engineering Technology - Cyber Security, and Sustainable Horticulture. Dr. Posey brings a strong tradition of academic excellence to the position; she has earned an EdD in Educational Foundations from the University of Cincinnati, an MBA from the University of Pennsylvania, and a BS from Cornell University. Dr. Posey is the first African-American female president of a major educational institution in the Cincinnati area.

Dr. Monica J. Posey









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NEW Exhibit : In Focus: the Business Technologies Division

Wanna learn more about the history of the Business Technologies Division at Cincinnati State? Check out our latest exhibit which highlights the Business division and includes some very exciting degree programs such as Culinary Arts, Accounting, Landscape Horticulture, and Automotive Services Management.

Unidentified man prepares meal at the Summit restaurant (part of the Midwest Culinary Institute) - 2012

Culinary Arts

Michele Geers (Left), Accounting faculty member, helps a student with some classwork (ca. 1980s)


Jerry Krismer (right), former Ornamental Horticulture instrutor with unknown male student, date unknown

Landscape Horticulture

Cars being displayed in the Cincinnati State automotive facility (ca. 1980s)

Automotive Services Management


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Tuesday Trivia: What did students do with ice on Fountain Square on Christmas Eve 1976?

When most of us think of ice and Fountain Square, we probably think of the ice skating rink.  However, on Christmas Eve 1976, students at Cincinnati State (then called Cincinnati Technical College) used ice in a completely different way to try and get the community into the holiday spirit.  According to this December 1976 Celebrate Christmas downtown brochure, students from the Chef Department of the Cincinnati Technical College transformed 2000 pounds of block ice into 4 statuesque Christmas figures.  The ice carving demonstration took place on Fountain Square on Christmas Eve 1976. 

December 1976 Celebrate Christmas downtown brochure

Brochure highlighting the ice carving demonstration by Cincinnati Technical College students on Fountain Square – Dec. 24, 1976

Unfortunately, we were unable to locate any photos from the ice carving demonstration in 1976.  If anybody has any they would like to send us, we’d love to get them.

Ice carving has long been taught at the college as part of the chef technology program (which became the culinary arts program in 2001), and even appears as part of the course description for Food Preparation IV (Course number 2825) starting in the 1977-1979 Catalog.

Over the years the culinary program at Cincinnati State has often utilized ice carvings as the centerpiece to its special events.  Here’s some of their creations over the years:

Ice carving - date unknown

Ice carving in Continental Room- date unknown

Ice carving of fish - date unknown

Ice carving of fish – date unknown

Midwest Culinary Institute ice sculpture - 2005

Midwest Culinary Institute ice sculpture – 2005

Midwest Culinary Institute ice sculpture - 2012

Midwest Culinary Institute ice sculpture – 2012

 Happy holidays from Cincinnati State Archives! 


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Tuesday Trivia: Why did Cincinnati State students build a concrete canoe?

Back in 1979, students in the Civil Engineering Technology program decided to undertake a big challenge.  Using advanced state-of-the-art concrete technology, they decided to see if they could build a canoe out of concrete that would float.  According to a press release dated August 20, 1979, the students planned on launching the 500 pound, 17 foot concrete canoe at Cincinnati’s Public Landing on August 23, 1979 at 9am.  Students in the plastics technology program provided the construction mold and even built the same canoe from a plastic compound, which was launched in the College’s swimming pool.

Concrete canoe built by Cincinnati State students (ca. 1979)

Concrete canoe built by Cincinnati State students (ca. 1979)

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any information in the Archives about whether the launch was successful.  However, according to one previous employee, at some point a concrete canoe sunk in the college pool.  Maybe some old timer’s out there have more information they could share about that?

According to another press release dated August 21, 1981, just 2 years later, both the plastics technology students and the civil engineering students were at it again.  They decided not only to build a boat with the same design, but also to race it in the Burnet Woods lake.  The plastics boat weighed some 60 pounds while the civil engineering boat (made from concrete) weighed 200 pounds.  To even out the weight difference, the concrete boat required 2 sailors while the plastic dinghy had to use 3.  No word on who won this contest.  Again, maybe an old timer has some information.

In more recent years, students in the local chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) have competed annually in a competition to build a concrete canoe since at least 2004.  In 2006, the college even hosted the Ohio Valley Regional Conference of the ASCE which took place in Lawrenceburg, Indiana and on campus at Cincinnati State.

Cincinnati State ASCE concrete canoe 2014

(L-R) Greg Kelly, Thomas Brodbeck, and ASCE Cincinnati State Chapter President Joe Bryson – April 17, 2014

Just this past Spring, students competed yet again.  According to Cincinnati State ASCE members, Bryson and Brodbeck, the canoe not only floated during the competition, it held weight pretty well – and didn’t capsize until the fourth student climbed on board.  For more information about the history of concrete canoes, check out

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