50th Anniversary Quilt

Full view of the 50th Anniversary Quilt

The 50th Anniversary Quilt (see above) was created in honor of the College’ 50th Anniversary in 2019 by many current and former employees. Below are close up pictures of each Quilt block along with a description and who created it.

Early Childhood Parent Resource Center created 2019. Made by Sandi Owens
Early Childhood Education Degree Program NAEYC Accreditation 2018. Made by Sandi Owens
It’s a Great Day at Cincinnati State embroidered block. Made by Debbie Bogenschutz
Founder Tom Stark and His Family of Alumni photograph and embroidery with scientific
background fabrics. Designed by his daughter Kristi Stark Drout and made by Debbie Bogenschutz
A circuit board representing the Engineering Technologies Division. Made by Debbie
Bogenschutz who remembers many ET students working on their circuit boards in the Library.
2019 Cincinnati State Collegiate Leadership Competition (CLC) Green Team. We were the only
two-year college that competed in Cleveland in 2019 and gave all the four-year schools stiff competition.
Photograph provided by Julie McLaughlin, Chair. Made by Diane Stump
A pieced helicopter representing the Aviation Program. Made by Diane Stump.
Photo of the Eileen Berke Occupational Therapy Center with embroidery. Made by Claudia
Miller, Chair of the OTA Program.
Nursing: Providing Ladders to Success and listing the programs provided. Made by Alice Palmer,
retired Program Chair.
William H. Mallory Early Learning Center established 1987 and NAEYC accredited. Made by
Sandi Owens
Science Olympiad 1990-2006 featuring photos of the various competitions. Designed by Peggy
Rolfsen and made by Debbie Bogenschutz.
The Midwest Culinary Institute logo surrounded by fabrics representing many aspects of the
programs. Made by Joyce Rimlinger in consultation with Betsy Lasorella.
Photos of the Tutoring Center featuring Debbie Greenlee and various working tutors. Made by
Diane Stump.
Memories of the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams with photos, a logo, and basketball
fabric. Inspired by Theresa Check former Athletic Director and made by Diane Stump.
Flowers and Bees representing the Horticulture Program and our beautiful grounds. Made by
Diane Stump.
Fabric found by Cindy Kief on a mission trip which represents Occupational Therapy success.
Many Facets of the Library with hand embroidery representing both books and technology
available through the library. Made by Karen Douglas of the Cincinnati State Library.
A pieced Mortar Board with a Cincinnati State tassel representing the success of out mission.
Made by Debbie Bogenschutz
The Be Great Logo with photos of the Middletown staff and building provided by Tom Hale and
Dave Beeman. Made by Joyce Rimlinger
The Cincinnati State Library over the years with photos from various moments in time and
samples of library handouts as background fabric. Made by Debbie Bogenschutz.
Leadership Certificate tee shirt provided by Julie McLaughlin. Block made by Diane Stump
The Accounting Program represented by faculty photos and handouts provided by Yvonne Baker.
Assembled by Joyce Rimlinger
Capitol C made of chemical elements fabric on a background of letters by Gail Hale-Griffin,
Financial Aid
Earth Day tee shirt provided by Ann Gunkle, Chair of the Environmental Technologies Program.
Block assembled by Joyce Rimlinger
American Association of University Professor logos from polo shirts and the newsletter spanning
the history of the AAUP. Logos and shirts provided by Pam Ecker; the block was pieced by Joyce
Cincinnati State Middletown Campus Be Great tee shirt logo. Made by Joyce Rimlinger
Several Cincinnati State logos with fabrics representing liberal arts and sciences offerings. Made
by Joyce Rimlinger
Celebrating SO Years made with embroidery on fabric by Debbie Bogenschutz.
Cincinnati Cooperative School of Technology, Cincinnati Technical Institute, and Cincinnati
Technical College logos provided by Pam Ecker and pieced with “technical” fabric by Joyce Rimlinger
Cincinnati State National Championship Golf team photo with a background of golf fabric made
by Diane Stump
The Switchboard our long-time communications hub using a photo and various fabrics. Made by
Carolyn LaRose, retired long-time switchboard operator.
Cincinnati Technical College: The First Decade by Clifford House is represented in a book block
with embroidered title and author. Made by Debbie Bogenschutz.
The Financial Aid process featuring the FASFA logo and various fabrics. Made by Destiny Howard
of the Financial Aid Office.
Cincinnati Police Academy housed on the Cincinnati Technical College Campus from July 31,
1972 to June 25, 1993, using police insignia and embroidery. Made by a friend at the direction of Tom
The First Year Experience using insignia from several shirts and a photograph of Julie Mclaughlin,
Chair, and Diarie Stump, Founder and Chair. Made by Diane Stump