Fashion Monday?


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I feel like the ladies are left out of Fridays, and Mondays are a little blah in general so I thought I would brighten your day with a little fashion. The past is prologue as they say, and this couldn’t be more true of fashion. It seems we are bound to repeat the trends of our youth every 20 years or so.  Leg of mutton sleeves and shoulder pads lingered for a while and then went away, and many of us thought they were done for. I can remember my mother cutting them out of all her shirts when I was little. Ah, fashion.  You give us something to spend our money on and then regret later.  Punky Brewster was a style icon for me when I was growing up, if that gives you any idea of how I must looked. You’ll have to use your imagination as all photographic evidence has been destroyed.

Well, the good news is:  the broad shoulder look is back ladies! Check out this 80s inspired selection from current fashion shows on New York Magazine here!
And feel free to add your favorite (or least favorite) trend from your youth in the comments section!

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