Tuesday Trivia: Sculptures on campus

Ever wonder about the sculptures on campus?  Who built them?  When were they installed?  Do they have a name?  Here’s some information to satisfy your curiosity.

VIEWPOINT sculpture

Viewpoint sculpture

The largest sculpture on campus sits on the hill below the Health Professions Building.  The 21 feet high and 36 feet wide aluminum structure is a mix of white interlocking circles, columns and arcs called “Viewpoint.”  The architectural composition was created by well-known sculptor David Black.  Black is an internationally acclaimed artist whose works have appeared in the United States and overseas, including Japan and Germany. Check out more information about him on his website – davidblacksculpture.com/

The sculpture was installed in June 1997 and it was designed to welcome visitors and to encourage students to look out from it across the landscape.  The work is “lighthearted” and “spontaneous,” according to its creator. Through the sculpture, Black sought to emphasize the vitality of the career-oriented college, the outdoor beauty of the campus, and an integration of classroom and environment.

VIEWPOINT sculpture installation (June 1997)

Viewpoint sculpture installation (June 1997)

The smaller sculpture located in the courtyard between the main building and the ATLC was donated by the Messer Construction Company.  The sculpture was created by local artist Gilbert Young, a Cincinnati State graduate.

Courtyard sculpture

Courtyard sculpture – ca. 2005

So next time you pass by one of these sculpture on campus, you can impress your friends with all your art knowledge.

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