Facial Hair Friday!

Admit it, you love it. And why not really? History is fun. Friday is fun. Archivists are a LOT of fun.

The Prologue blog from the National Archives has this mustache to share today:

“It’s a nineteenth-century twist on six degrees of separations–except Gen. Gouverneur K. Warren isn’t connected to Kevin Bacon. Along with his mustache and soul patch, he’s two degrees of separation from the Brooklyn Bridge.”

His connection to Roebling means he is a few degrees of separation from Cincinnati, right? As you all know, our Roebling suspension bridge was designed by the same John Roebling of Brooklyn Bridge fame.

This is why we do what we do here. The history of Cincinnati State doesn’t just belong to us. It is part of the story of Cincinnati. This city’s history wouldn’t be complete without our story, just like the story of Ohio would be incomplete without the story of Cincinnati, and so on. So you see, the history of this college up on the hill is world history. Feel important now? You should.

See? History is fun!

About Cincinnati State Archives

This is the official blog of the archives of Cincinnati State Technical & Community College. The blog will highlight important photos, documents, exhibits, and other items which chronicle the history of Cincinnati State.
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