Tuesday Trivia: The cost of education


Do you know what it cost to attend Cincinnati State (then called Cincinnati Technical Institute) when the college first started in 1969?

Tuition (per in-school term):  

  • $100 for Cincinnati city resident.
  • $125 for non-Cincinnati city resident

Materials and Books (approximately):

  • $35


  • Free but must obtain an automobile registration sticker

Nowadays, the cost of education is quite a bit more expensive but the return on investment still makes it a great deal don’t you think?

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Tuesday Trivia: Sculptures on campus

Ever wonder about the sculptures on campus?  Who built them?  When were they installed?  Do they have a name?  Here’s some information to satisfy your curiosity.

VIEWPOINT sculpture

Viewpoint sculpture

The largest sculpture on campus sits on the hill below the Health Professions Building.  The 21 feet high and 36 feet wide aluminum structure is a mix of white interlocking circles, columns and arcs called “Viewpoint.”  The architectural composition was created by well-known sculptor David Black.  Black is an internationally acclaimed artist whose works have appeared in the United States and overseas, including Japan and Germany. Check out more information about him on his website – davidblacksculpture.com/

The sculpture was installed in June 1997 and it was designed to welcome visitors and to encourage students to look out from it across the landscape.  The work is “lighthearted” and “spontaneous,” according to its creator. Through the sculpture, Black sought to emphasize the vitality of the career-oriented college, the outdoor beauty of the campus, and an integration of classroom and environment.

VIEWPOINT sculpture installation (June 1997)

Viewpoint sculpture installation (June 1997)

The smaller sculpture located in the courtyard between the main building and the ATLC was donated by the Messer Construction Company.  The sculpture was created by local artist Gilbert Young, a Cincinnati State graduate.

Courtyard sculpture

Courtyard sculpture – ca. 2005

So next time you pass by one of these sculpture on campus, you can impress your friends with all your art knowledge.

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Tuesday Trivia : What’s the name of that place again?

Installing the new sign - 1994

Installing the new name sign – 1994

Over the years, the building at 3520 Central Parkway has had many names.  Can you guess how many?  Bonus points if you can name them all.

The College now known as Cincinnati State Technical & Community College changed names quite a few times over the years!  Below is a brief history behind the evolution of the many name changes.

1953 to 1966:  The building at 3520 Central Parkway was first home to Central High School.

1966 to 1969:  The building was shared by both the high school (then called Courter Technical High School) and the college (then called Cincinnati Cooperative School of Technology – CCST), which was established by the Cincinnati Board of Education.

1969 to 1972:  The Board of Regents took authority of the College, and its name was changed to Cincinnati Technical Institute (CTI).  The building was still shared with Courter Tech during these years.

1972:  An Ohio Senate bill recognized the collegiate nature of CTI, and its name was changed accordingly.  It was briefly announced to be Cincinnati State Technical College, until the Board of Trustees made Cincinnati Technical College (CTC) the official name.

1974:  The sale of the building by Courter Tech to CTC was completed, and the building finally belonged to the College alone.

1994 to present:  The Board of Regents approved a proposal to turn the College into a state community college.  Thus, the name changed one last time to Cincinnati State Technical & Community College).  The six-word name is commonly shorted to Cincinnati State for ease of usage.  

So, did you keep track?  There’s been a total of 7 names for this place over the years!!

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Happy Spring!


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We’re looking forward to those spring flowers! (They can’t come soon enough for some of us.)

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Mystery Wednesday


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Two for One Mystery Wednesday! Who is this man and what is he doing?

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Fashion Monday


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She seems very happy to be trying on her new Spring (hard) hat, no doubt to coordinate with one of our many construction projects. Have a great week, & think Spring!

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Facial Hair Friday

We’re wondering what this man is building, but we’re sure it’s better because he has such a great mustache!

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